February 10,2018 Entertainment Schedule

Event Hours -- 11:00am to 6:00pm

11:00  to 12:30
Sister Tree
(live band performance)

12:30 to 1:30(ish)
Parasol Dueling

1:30 to 2:30(ish)
Costume Contests

2:30 to 4:00(ish)
Tea Dueling
(with help from DIODES 
& tea provided by Bingley's Tea)

4:15 to 6:00
The Langer's Ball
(live band performance)

~~~   Schedule subject to change   ~~~

Parasol Dueling  is a steampunk sport that we are excited to bring to 13 GEARS and will be conducted as follows.

Figures are used to determine the outcome of a round and are similar to the street urchins game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
The three Parasol Duel "Figures" are:
The Plant (rock) - Parasol is held point down to the ground at the side of the player.
The Twirl (paper) - Parasol is opened and placed on the shoulder and twirled.
The Snub (scissors) - Parasol is held pointing towards the opponent and opened.
Therefore: Plant​ ​beats Snub;​ ​Twirl​ ​beats Plant; Snub​ ​beats Twirl

Here is a video of how we will be conducting parasol dueling at 13 GEARS:

Parasol Dueling Icon

We are hosting a  Tea Dueling  tournament again at 13 GEARS! This event is brought to you by the help of the DIODES and tea selection from Bingley's Tea in Minneapolis! 

Tea Dueling, simply like playing a game of chicken with a tea soaked biscuit. The winner is the last person to successfully eat the entire biscuit in one bite (without loosing any of the tea soaked biscuit on the table or themselves). 

You may want to watch this video for more information:

Dress to impress the judges and crowds in your steampunk best this winter! 
We will be hosting three Costume Contests at 13 GEARS this year:

Best Youth (16 and under)
Best Male
Best Female

Contest judging will be scored on the following:
Functionality, Creativity, Details, Completeness, and Presentation.

Sign up at the INFORMATION booth at 13 GEARS by 1:00 to participate. 

This is a family friendly event with family friendly activities, anyone 7 and under is free!

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